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Monday, October 06, 2008


Some images taken from DEPT's Staff Blog, didn't ask for clearance but thanx anyway. Lots of people showed up and The Ghetto has from now on made it self as "the" ashram for Tokyos future "Chari-Ma" happenings.

Even Paul Smith came to check it out!

On October 11th we do the 1 year anniversary SPEEED NIGHT, then on Monday the 13th (National Holiday) we host the 2nd Chari-Ma i.e Bicycle Flea Market. Bring whatever you think will be cool to trade/sell/give away. On the flyer we have shops and frame/bike builders that will participate as well, but this is for everyone, you too!!. Come early to get space for your stuff cos it is limited...more people and stuff = less space (but more shit to spend money on...yeah!).

While you are at the beautiful restored "The Ghetto", make sure you check it out. Second floor is always open and the shops there are pretty cool. On the first floor you'll find "G-Ramp", the by now famous bone cracker steel sk8 ramp as well as Tiki Lounge & Hell's Kitchen. I know what you have heard about the folks in RxKxBx and The Ghetto, (who came up with the idea to spread the word that we are cold blooded butchers and limitless psychopaths....??) but hey, now is your chance to see that we are just small harmless little peas, tiny little ants, checking out this and that (...R.H.C.P), willing to spread good and fairness to this fluffy white angles flapping their wings in a gentle breeze of good hope and cute little....ah fuck it...

See you there

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