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Friday, February 27, 2009


Swedish pro photo magazine Kamera&Bild featured my photography on a 10 page reportage in issue #2 2009. This article was written by Matti Sedholm who came over to Tokyo last summer and spent a couple of days with me here. Check September 2008's post HERE.

Fun to see some exposure of ones work and in a Swedish magazine on top of that, my mother tongue! Makes you strive harder to keep up a high quality of work as well as explore new grounds. It was interesting to see what the editors of K&B chose from all the images I sent. I was really happy to see that my B/W elephant images got so big space and the travel photography I have dome for different publications also was the main look, but also I wish there were some more fashion and studio light shots. I guess they tapped the part of mwcp that forms the essential.
Man, there is so much to shoot out there, so many places to visit and collect memories and different worlds in forms of images. Next up is San Jose/San Francisco (arranged a bicycle to get around in a proper manner), Long Beach C.A as well as Death Valley and Yosemite National Park in June for a couple of weeks.
I will take a look of the street scene in SF/SJ, mainly the "fixed gear" part of it all, then cover a tattoo convention on Queen Mary in Long Beach as well as head out in the wild and get lost in Death Valley and the surrounding desert, this is all part of a photo story I started a couple of years ago. Will be hauling both digital and medium format gear with me this time (rental car, no worries), was a long time since I was shooting film professionally so that's something I am looking forward to. Lost of gear to carry and keep an eye on.

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