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Tuesday, February 10, 2009



A self portrait for my new web page that will be ready pretty soon. Dark & hidden... this is how I see myself (?). Having some difficulties with portraying this one and need to take a longer look to see what's there, too personal in a way. People probably see me as a easygoing and fun character, sorry to disappoint you people. But this is the real deal I see in the images of my self taken by myself (...interesting!). I rather be this guy, the real guy, than some smiling jerk staring into the camera....looking......friendly.....WTF!? What's with the ear? I don't know, why not, just liked the image.

You people who knows me, please let me know what you think...comments below.



Mikele 'o pazzo said...

I would push some jewelry through that ear ^___-

Uncle Allan said...

I'm with you on the whole See-how-much-i-can-smile kinda picture...and you know that. So I like this! I can see that it is you and I personally think that this one shows more of you, your way of thinking, than a "normal" portrait picture will. I like it...even the ear ha ha. Like the light from the front. If I was critique it in any way then I would say as a "portrait" I would get a bit more mouth in it, but that might ruin the whole thing and it would only be "important" if you really NEED to show that it is you. I can see it so it is fine actually.

Anonymous said...

Nan millimeter mera soppsil kanske inte hade skadat for att fylla ut bilden i nedre hogra hornet? Fuck bro, vem bryr sig om hur man ser ut egentligen pa det stora hela? Det ar ju inte det som betyder nagot nar man summerar sina spelmarker hos Sankte Per...


Tanya Raab said...

U got a point there,mate! what does the teeth have and the ear doesnt?!