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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Uncle Allan a.k.a. Onkel Allan

Good friend and fellow world traveller Allan is in town and guest working at INK RAT tattoo studio in Koenji. These people are really on the right track of their profession and are able to take things to a new and highlighted level. Always a pleasure to hang out with these guys.

Allan is a dedicated camera / photography geek on the side of his tattooing so we have lots to discuss and ponder over. Since our photographic styles differ some I feel that I still have lost to learn (will never end I hope) and that there are so many ways we see and functioning within what we love/hate in photography.

Check his blog HERE

Dinner with the INK RAT / UA crew, what a feast (Osaka style!)

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Uncle Allan said...

YAAAAAAAY!!!! I am famous!!! I will now take over the world muhaa haa haa!!!
Thanks you buddy! I am looking forward to Monday!! And it was really cool that you could make it to the dinner the other night.
Thanks for the great photos.