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Thursday, April 09, 2009

The art of Seminar & Speech photography

I had the pleasure to shoot an editorial today. Seminars may sound boring and not full of life, but for me as a photographer it's the perfect challenge. To get the best shot under a often quite strict time and light limit and try to blend in, "not be there" and find that angle that makes the whole worthwhile for the situation. I tend to know what I am after and usually the first frames are the best, then after that it's just a repeating process and going over everything once more. I was lucky today because the room this seminar was held in was behind a set of huge floor-to-ceiling windows during a sunny and warm morning light. Shooting mainly with a long lens (70-200mm) but also blending in wide angles when suitable (16-35mm), 2 x 5D with these 2 lenses is a great set up for sure.

Snapped some on the way out from the Peninsula Hotel where todays shooting was done. When in Rome!?

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