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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dude, gimme a break

After 10 years in Japan I have come to like the place like no where else. Got treated with the same respect as I have treated people and never had any problems...till yesterday!

Me and my buddy were test shooting a new portable lightbox in the tranquility of one of my favorite spots in Tokyo i.e. West Shinjku and Chuo Park yesterday afternoon. Due to Japanese pride, misunderstanding and alcohol ( i.e. a drunk, uneducated Japanese middle age man) we ended up being attacked by this total freakish nut, a true raging mad dog released all his anger and sake vapor on me and at last we all ended up in the Shinjuku Police HQ (B.T.W.F.T.P) and spent more than a couple of hours dealing with this shit. Well, this dude deservedly ended up drenched in his own blood like the pig he is (don't ask me how) as well as had his mobile phone smashed to pieces (don't ask me how) when calling for backup from his possibly more that unfriendly loony park pals. Me being attacked by a complete mental mad man on the loose, I was suddenly to blame and was made out to be the bogeyman in disguise....cute move Sherlock!

I personally don't believe in that you are a guest in a country etc etc, borders, traditions and laws are all man made temporary stuff, deep down we are no more than half smart monkeys (I know, this is hard to hear for some! But according to studies, even a boneless octopus has more brain than the common Homo sapien) puffed up on ego and greed. I have decided to live here in Japan as a citizen of the world and don't feel that I have to live like some underdog due to my genetic background and be at service to the Japanese society, I live here on this Island and I have the right to do so, this is my home at the moment and has been so for 10 years, why not!. I respect people who respect me and keep a low profile, always have. But last night I could see that's not the way a proud overfed detective (BTWFTP) and a mental fuck up park gangster covered in his own internal body fluids looks at it. They do deserve each other, just keep me out next time.

Anyways, life rolls on, just another proof that pigs are pigs and you can dress him and fill him up to the brim with alcohol and self claimed dogma as much it's possible, it's still a pig, always will be!

10-4 over and out!

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tony said...

where are the photos?

(seriously, hope you are OK!)