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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Salvation Mt

Salvation Mountain. A piece of D.I.Y art/stoic do-what-I-want "thing" in the middle of no where near the half dead Salton Sea in Southern california. Being a huge fan of stoner rock legends Kyuss and have seen that really cool band shot from one of the album jackets, this place has been on my mind ever since and I always wanted to go here. I was driving down highway 111 to Niland one summer day in June last year with nothing more in mind than a cold drink, something to eat. The diner we (me and my brother JEREMY) stopped at had a couple of locals and the waitress asked us if we been up to Salvation Mt yet? That it was close by this outpost (nothing on any map of mine) just made sense and after lunch we had found "it" a couple of miles up a small hidden dirt road. Napoleon Knight welcomed us and guided us around without asking who we were and why we came to see him. Genuine in all aspects, friendly to the bone this Knight fella. I've been traveling in many countries and seen things that is hard to imagine for the untrained shoestringer, Salvation Mt is one of these places. Not that the "monument of love / God" is that mind blowing in it self, it's more that wholeness of it all. Mr Knight and his belief that love is the cure for everythign, the desert, the old dusty diner down the road and the Chocolate Mountains (a gunnery range for the war mongers) in the background. The wholeness of the atmosphere made the day a day to remember forever.


Uncle Allan said...

woow dude!! That looks like a magical place!! Awesome pictures as always. I want to go to there!!

G said...

I love the place!
I wanna visitttttttttttttt!