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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Just another observation.. or two

Back in town after a pretty fruitful week abroad. I might have mentioned before on this blog, how nice it is to return back "home" to Tokyo after a time away. Japan never stops to interest me and make me feel I haven't seen enough yet. Being on of the most modern as well as one of the many highly (over) educated nations on this planet it is really interesting to also observe that some of the sickest people (I have ever met anyways) are from here. A combination of a culture built up on a really unique history and a clash with modernity in a very short time has shaped a nation like no other( China and South Korea not far behind). It's always more obvious when you go abroad to see how twisted and out of touch with reality and common sense the majority of the Japanese are. When the norm of Nippon and "follow the leader" mentality isn't around to fall back on the most absurd situations occur. Truly unique, always a pleasure to observe. Landing in Narita and all falls back to it's given place. All those funny "travel" clothes, Mickey Mouse suitcases and synchronized group movements make sense here, the "WE are home" feeling in the arrival halls is dense and like I said, stuff make sense suddenly. Like a camouflage painted Hummer truck suddenly make sense in the desert but has no obvious function more than being loud, expensive and inefficient transportation anywhere else. If the Japanese would be a car they wouldn't be a little Nissan or Suzuki, no, they would be a fully equipped Hummer truck built for operation desert storm but used as tour group transportation at Tokyo Disneyland.

I was shooting lots with my Canon G9 the last week, but when I came home some loveless bastard camera/SD card gnome virus had deleted all images...!? -"Naa, probably did something wrong. It can't happen!" you might say. Well, I have not a trace left of that exceptional thunder storm cloud I wanted to post here today...same goes for the rest of the images...F.U.C.K. Time to take the camera back to the service center (again) to have some clueless temp-staff giving me some transparent answers (i.e they don't know either what's wrong), I loved that camera!

Have some more images on the way, stay tuned.


drue. said...


It is drue here. met you biking a few times. I am a steady follower of your blog although im usually lurking in the darkness. We should hook up for a ride/picture taking session. I have a few cool places in my solo journeys around Tokyo and I think you may be interested.


Tobias Å said...

Tack för tipset Mattias och gissa vad. Jag är nu ägare till en 5d mkII, tjejen blev visserligen lite smått galen när hon fick höra priset. Men den är så värd de. Älskar den redan. köpte ett nytt objektiv också ett 50mm fast 1,4.

Tråkigt de där me att bilderna försvann =/ väldigt irriterande.

mwcp japan-Straight edge Photography- said...

Helt ratt val Tobias. Do Or Die my friend!!!


aptass said...

Hej Mattias

Har du provat återställa med något räddningsprogram?
Med till ex Sandisk Extreme III korten följer sandisk rescue pro. Jag har använt det ett par gånger för att hjälpa kunder som kommer till jobbet och har råkat ut för raderade minneskort. Så länge du inte har skrivit på kortet ska bilderna finnas kvar.

Hör av dig om du behöver någon assistans. Oftast försvinner bilder pga fel med minneskorten i första hand och inte kameran. Bästa är att formatera kortet varje gång man fört över bilder för att rensa kortet lite.

mwcp japan-Straight edge Photography- said...

Tjenna Aptass

Fixa cameran igar pa Canons Service center har i Tokyo. Fick byta ut hela kort/batteri delen, va nan vajs med det hela. Skall kolla upp raddnings programet du tipsa om. Tack for hjalpen.