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Friday, July 31, 2009

MUSE - Music School 3 days Seminar

I was hired to shoot a 3 days seminar at MUSE, a music school here in central Tokyo. I've always loved music of all sorts (some more than others) so this was a pretty interesting 3 days, even if finding new, fresh angles in really tight rooms filled with shy and nervous teens proved to be a worthy challenge. There is a limit of what can be done when you take time, practicality and functionality in the calculation. But I think I got what they wanted ( the school offered me a new job just earlier today). If it doesn't always turn out they way you were aiming for you'll see that in the end it turns out that it works anyway somehow. I am seldom satisfied with my own work....more than seldom with other peoples. But I have come to settle with what's in my nature and ability. There are no really good short cuts to a good image (in my, photoshop won't do it man!), but there are times when your own vision just can't see what is good and you'll have problems to settle down with what's there in front of you. Give it some time and you'll see that the images actually came out the way you aimed for at the start.

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