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Monday, August 10, 2009

5D Mirror failure

Was shooting for an upcoming photo exhibition last night when the cameras shutter gave me this wrong sound and all went black. The mirror fell out when I took the lens off, broke when it hit the floor. I have heard that this happens to the new 5D Mark II frequently but since I never had any problems at all (ever!!!) with any of my 5D's I got pretty surprised when this happened. Guess that I have been taking good care of the gear during the years I have used them. I've been shooting with these bodies in places not too suitable for precision instrument (acid rain on Mijake Is, Sand storm in Arizona, Extreme heat in Western china, extreme cold in the Himalayas, extreme dampness in the rainforests in Northern Thailand, banging it around in backpacks and bicycle rides name it!) like these but have never had a reason to complain so far. This mirror thing bound to happen and I was just lucky that it was for a shooting I can come back and do later and not one for a magazine in a remote area somewhere. I always carry 2 bodies in case of emergency as well as a larger range of lens angles. Canon center, here we come!

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Uncle Allan said...

uhhh it hurts just to read about it!
What happened to my 5D II was that the Mattplate (i think it's called in english) fell out. They told me at the Danish Canon office that it was a "birth deffect" that the Mark II had and that the old 5D had the mirror falling out as a Birth deffect...not that it WOULD happen but it could. After they fixed mine they told me that I shouldn't worry about it happening again.
Hope your baby feels better soon.

Sorry it has been a while my friend! Amazing pictures as always dude!!