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Saturday, August 08, 2009

Photo book by Tattoo Church

A brother from another mother, Tattooist Carlos from Tattoo Church in Tokyo just handed over his finnished book project he's been working on for sometime. Really cool photos taken by himself of clients he tattooed the last year. Carlos does not consider himself a very good photographer in the terms of traditional photo knowledge but he really nailed it this time, the images he produced are really inspiring and has a fresh view of this topic I actually have to admit has become a little stagnant for me after being involved in the worlds tattoo scene for many years, shooting for magazines etc. I have always some nice conversations with him, and can see a link between photography and tattooing. The camera, the tattoo machine, the film, the ink.The combination you create by using your own knowledge, ability and ideas always leads to a rather personal touch if you just follow your own head and heart

I know how he produced the images and the whole process and the materials he used in forms of light, backdrops and shadow can only come from someone with little knowledge (or care...respect...) for how the so called masters and pros does it. To be able to get what he got with the tools being at hand is just superb and was for me a really positive thing to see. A great proof that it's in the individual eye and free mind the best images can be found. To step off the beaten track and follow your own path and just have that DIY spirit going is all you need, disregard the norm.

Check more of his stuff HERE


Anonymous said...

Der fuhrer strikes again...

Home exchange said...

Excellent photos! I love the black and white face with the red flowers - it's an impressive print!

Anonymous said...

i want it!
what's the name of the book and where do i get it?