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Monday, August 17, 2009

The Ghetto V.S The Ghetto

Check it out at the 2nd floor gallery at The Ghetto from August 20th ~

For many a homebase for the last 3 years...a true Shinjuku Ghetto

I was asked to do a small contribution to a 3 year memorial exhibition of the Ghetto. Since I was shooting here from day one when the place was a rotten old "love hotel" it could be possible to just reap the past and put up some "old school" stuff. But I decided to focus on the "now" and show the place in a way that we don't see it with our own eyes. We see it and we know it's there, but not like this (if you don't have a pair of fisheyes, 15mm view angle) ! I like it and think it gives a presentable approach to the memory and respect of this old pearl of the red light lanes of Tokyo's murky backwater.


SB said...

Love these!

Nick Smith said...

hey I'm trying to use pics for a school project and your pictures are awesome! So i was wondering if you could let me use them for my school project?