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Monday, November 16, 2009

The Dream

The preferred way to travel in these parts of the world. 80's comfort still thrives up here. Fast, fun and funky.

I'm on my way from Chang Mai up to Mae Sai in a minute. Will try to track down the same hidden villages I visited last year as well as a possible visa-run into Myanmar over the day. The roads up here are great and not to busy. The mountains and forests are breathtaking and the further from the beaten track you go the better it gets. I've been shooting elephants up in the forests here for the last couple of years, a private project. And I will try some new areas not mentioned on the map this time as well. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. But always in the end of the day you have seen and experienced something out of the ordinary. Always worth it!


Uncle Allan said...

miss you here in Tokyo but happy for you that you are there and I am looking forward to see more of your AMAZING elephant photos!! Can't wait to see what you will bring back this time!
Thanks for the goodybag by the way!!

Have fun and be safe!

mwcp japan-Straight edge Photography- said...

Hi UA.

And I am sorry to miss you guys, but also happy cos I know you have angle cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner and the local Ashram i.e. Yodabashi Camera to spend all your hard earned yet at. Keep it clean, ride safe...

I would like to invite you to represent RxKxBx in Denmark if you are in the ambassador mood for black bikes, speed metal and the in general fuck the rules. You would need to boost up those long leg muscles of yours though.

Doo desuka


Uncle Allan said...

Ha ha ha You know me way too well!! Well we are saving money because of the new shop BUT...I did buy a new camera today!! A instant Mini haha!! You know those mini "polaroid" kinda things! Fun!! Both me and Amalie is sick for the new Canon S90. I think that is what I really wanted when I bought the G9 (that by the way is way to expensive to fix).

I would be honored to represent the RxKxB in Copenhagen! But only if I can make a logo/design!! Gotta be metal as fuck!!!

Love ya long time...don't spend too much time looking at my bud!!