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Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Spark

Since I needed to get around fast and without hinderance over in Thailand I opt to get me a motorbike. Yamaha Spark is a liquid cooled 135cc, one of the fastest 4 stroke fuel injection bike out there. Tops 140 km/h on good days so not many beat me on this one when I feel like giving it a full throttle (which is always!). It gives me the freedom to roam and explore the backwaters of this part of the country i.e. south eastern. You'll be surprised what's out there if you just turn off the beaten track. I was warned by my Thai peers of "bandits" and "highway robbers" on darker stretches of the roads at night down here in this corner of the country, but so far nothing interesting. Guess a white dude on a brand new bike is just too good to be true and if encountered, better left alone. I did run over a large King Cobra (can get up to over 5m!) one day on the way back to town, was no way to steer away since I was doing about 100 km/h. I looked back in the rearview mirror and saw how it was trashing madly before disappearing into the forest and I felt pretty down for a long time harming and probably killing one of these deadly but gracious animals.

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