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Friday, October 15, 2010

Lately…feeding the monkey...

Squid fishing boats

Rugged kitten

In my bathtub

The guys in the yard where I make my money this year for future grand continuous photo journeys…

Night walk down the fishing pier.

So, what happened to continue on all those Nepal Mt.Everest Himalayan, Wild dolphin, trans China and American Highway, logger Elephants photo assignments? The continuous of my Japanese underground and heavy metal photo sessions, going deep into the theme and holding on to the frame? Is this a sign on me loosing my eye or is it phase II on a never ending passion of curiosity for places and experiences…hard to judge someone / something that never sits still and constantly slips through the net of social belongingness.

Well, it is what it is and while widen my horizon this is just that. Pretty cool in a way cos I am not usually the photographer that just feeds the monkey from the hip. Moved house to southern Thailand, to the city of Songkhla to be precise. An over 1200 km road trip through the country on great little roads. Got lost going through Bangkok and ended up on a dead end lane in Chinatown, got blocked by a huge "red-shirt" demonstration and only one cop road block demanding lunch money (200 Baht at 11:45), could almost touch Myanmar at some areas, bringing up memories hauling cameras in spectacular sceneries.

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