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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New Home

Finally based out of Songkhla in Southern Thailand, just a day ride from Malaysia. Shot some in the old town the other night. Has a spooky feeling hanging in the air and not a human around. Old wood and stone buildings from when this was a bustling fishing port. Chinese, Malay and Thai influences in all, food, architecture and styles…

I'm on my bike (EAI Bareknuckle if you are interested) exploring the town, shooting with a Canon 5D, 35-70mm. Don't know how long I will call this home. As always, if something more interesting shows up I'm on the road again but it would be rather nice to be able to stay for a while, getting the feel of a place again after almost 20 years on the road whereof 10 based out of Tokyo.

My living quarters at the moment, a dark and cool apartment.

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Uncle Allan said...

I like the ghost town feeling!! Spooky!
Looks cool though.

I will try to find a moment to mail you later tonight.

Stay heavy