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Friday, November 05, 2010

Realm Of Chaos

From my bed room window, have a much better view now/

One wold think these big ones had deeper roots...

Pretty (pretty) severe storm hit Songkhla last Monday night. I decide that at peak chaos take a drive (4x4 truck) in this freak environment would be memorable. The street flooded, winds rocking the car and the sky completely filled of lightning, water and debris. Very cool but I slipped back drenched and roughed up into the apartment after just 10 minutes inside the car thinking, -"this is not me, letting something like this pass…getting soft!"

In a way glad I didn't go for that joy ride, the day after told another tale, most buildings damaged in some way, most trees broken. My company car stood parked proud between two fallen giants, only meters on each side from being crashed. The town paralyzed without electricity, water and moblie/internet dead. Took 3 full days for it to return to 21 century, neighboring town had a street water level at 3m, The show must go on!

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Uncle Allan said...

living an action packed life as always i way or the other. Probably a good idea not to go on that ride after all, huh?

We are back in the land of the shaking ground. Tattooing few hours after hitting Japanese earth. So tired that I didn't even feel a quake while working! ha ha!
Miss you brotha!