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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Canon…stay true (Love me back or…)!

Talking cameras, a love/hate topic since I don't really like the whole technical aspect of photography at all.  I am and have been a Canon user for many years now. Lenses, flashes, camera bodies, printers, name it. Two 5D bodies, one 1V (sold my backup 1N) 35mm film body, lens ranges from 15mm to 200mm (f2,8 lenses) and a complete Mamiya RZ Pro II medium format system with a 50mm and 90mm lenses. Back in the days, when I started I was learning the basics on an old Pentax my dad got as payment for fixing up a car for someone, he used it for years and years and I took it over after him. Then upped to Minolta 35mm (Alpha 7 and 9), and loved the 9 body with its superb grip and manual large setting knobs . I sold off my Minolta gear when they merged with Konica and stopped making "pro" stuff (they are now under the SONY flag). I choose Canon in front of Nikon due to it's ruggedness, handling and its more straight forward way of getting what I needed with the least fuckups. Never regretted this and always loved working with Canon gear. I carry a G9 "pocket" camera when the bulkier SLR's are just overkill. The G9 might not be what the G10 is but I've come to like this system and rely on it as a small but powerful backup/insurance.
I have almost stopped (almost…) looking for new gear the last couple of years due to what I have is just what I need. The occasional service and cleaning visit at Canon service center in Tokyo (superb safety net for someone like me who are shooting in far from ideal environments) is all. On the computer side I use Mac computers, same here, easy to use and they work!

However... Ran into this OLYMPUS E-P2 system the other day. And could tell from the brief encounter that this system "looks" pretty useful. Is there any one out there that have any feedback to give me on this camera? Changeable lenses, proper viewfinder, RAW setting, M/A/S modes, 12+ MP...worth checking out?

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