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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Transportation…from A to B via Z many times. I can't call this a trip, a trip involves experience the unknown, seeing how cultures and styles differs as you go. Life rolling on and the sun and wind shapes the mood of the daily routines. Sitting squeezed into cattle-class on a set of wings over the clouds has its charm but it's not travels in my book. Necessary movements to get ones ass in time at the right place…anywhere in the world. I liked however my fellow transit buddy's interior matching fleece hat and the fact that I was leaving a too cold Tokyo behind for a sunny and warm Thailand…

Sayonara Narita, mata 4649!

Feeding time



Taipei never looked more dull...

and then Thailand approaching underneath  …


…then a domestic flight down to Songkhla (it's never just a jump…never just "popping down to"…whatever…), driver picked up as scheduled and home (another one!), off with all clothes and just a gentle breeze through the room…confusing, yes…?   

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