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Sunday, February 06, 2011

Alohawaii (f.11 with a twist)

mold 2 ( Brit. mould)nouna furry growth of minute fungal hyphae occurring typically in moist warm conditions, esp. on food or other organic matter.• The fungi belong to the subdivision Deuteromycotina (orAscomycotina).

Just a slow Sunday in Songkhla, checking out this and that (I'm just a little ant)...

Propped up giant

Moon-ish landscape in the jungle  

Oldschool travel

Deserted Mosque construction site

I received the verdict last time Canon service tech guy looked at it. Mold due to humidity and lack of use on a regular basis developed a "branch" of fungal between one the three layers that makes up the sensor on my 5D. This would be visible only at around f.11 the technician believed and if I could live with this it should be alright. Since I shoot with 2 bodies and I had no time to wait the two weeks they needed to clear this to 100% I said -"No worries mate, I stay clear of f.11". Well, to be honest I do not really use this deep depth of field very often and since I do not shoot for clients with this body I didn't really care. Shit, getting careless…not good, not good indeed, hate careless people!

So check out these two images below, see that very artistic branch as of a dead tree of some sort on the bottom frame (right side if vertical)? Sensor mold in action folks...


Uncle Allan said... the train pictures...not loving mold!! I get all scared by the thought!!!

Specially the one with the orange scarf! Awesome!!

Tony said...

Cool. No need to watermark your photos!