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Monday, March 07, 2011


Images from hotels I stayed in the last couple of days. Just another place to rest your tired body, still, to find a room with nice light is always a boost. I wish I had an image from all the beds I ever slept in. So unproductive and uncreative thing to do, sleep that is…waste of time kind of…though I love it when the texture, mood, temperature and light is good. For me the best time of the day is going to bed, but then I can't wait to get up in the morning to do "stuff". I can't really remember the "best" room/bed but I can remember the worst. The Philippines, a hotel in the northern town of Quezon by the name of Diamond Inn . It was FILTHY to the max, almost to a comical level. The shared loo was filled to the brim with frozen turds, looked like someone had flogged a horse and skinned it on the almost "alive" bed. It was so fucking cold outside and some stupid public holiday so all LP jewels were taken. A room/bed memory nevertheless
Well, one of the best bed might have been at a dormitory at the legendary Astor House Hotel in Shanghai after travelled there overland with my best friend via Siberia from Finland as an eager teenage backpacker. Freezing cold huge room in the attic shared with other people from all over the place. Thick dune covers and real oldschool mattresses proved to be the highlight from Shanghai that time. This was -92 and things were different in China then. Einstein stayed there once. 

As you can see from these images, things are not that shoestring anymore when it comes to lodging for me. Well, I have paid my dues of flea bitten dorm rooms and train station floors and do really enjoy being solo and away from other people while sleeping nowadays. Can I get a clean bed, a quiet room with a window I am all for it. 

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