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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Borneo - Prisoner in Paradise

Like that song/album title from hair metal band Europe back in the early 90's. Being a "Prisoner in paradise" isn't the worst that could happen, but it makes you wonder. Safe and cared for becomes boring, slack and pampered. Anyways, got this chance to freeload a 2 night/3 day deal at the Shangri-La's Rasa Ria Resort just north of Borneos Kota Kinabalu city. We were party crashing on wealthy Aussies and Europeans, slacking poolside with the surf slapping lazy on the almost empty beach just nearby. Buffe breakfast on bluecheese, poached eggs and fat pastry after a well slept night on dune pillows in a just perfect airconditioned room with a sea view. This was my first visit to Borneo and I could never have thought it would be like this one. One of my many "un-traveled" travel plans in life is to climb Mt.Kinabalu (South East Asias highest peak) and maybe doing a serious jungle walkabout in former headhunting territory, livin it rough with my Canons, a return airline ticket hidden in the waterproof ziplock. Maybe next time.

Had also the chance to support the upbringing of some of the true locals by checking out these orangutangs being taught how to survive solo in their future jungle "home". These guys were as pampered as the hotels guests and how they will make it out there on their own only time will tell. Between 6-10 years the forest ranger informed, can see why! Me for one, somewhat liked the 2 nights wrapped up in luxury, but feel way more relaxed in the small and cozy Hutton Lodge (a hostel/guesthouse) in Georgetown/ Malaysia were I am writing this.

This is how happy someone got after getting a somewhat confirmed recognition of existence from one of the apes.

Some "better" shots of the Boreno "Orang Huan" (forest person).

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