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Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Great Railway Bazaar

Always loved traveling by rail. And if it's on a train where the windows and doors may be opened even the better. I have had the chance (cause I took 'em) to travel on trains trough Russia, (Through Siberia, the Trans Mongolian & Trans Manchurian both directions) China (South-West-East-North-Central), India (4 month and covered most by train), South East Asia, Japan and East/West Europe (Between Turkey in the East - Portugal in the West - Sicily in the South - Sweden in the North)…and for me this is the coolest most respectable life enchanting way. There is a certain charm with the bullet express trains in Europe and Japan but hey, Im seldom in a hurry when on the road so why rush the experience? Give me a seat, a good book and if possible, a cup of black coffee and I'm a happy man.

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