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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

More perdy shit

I know, I am also tired of all these pretty images. Give me gritty 3rd world shitholes anytime, give me Tokyo underground death metal and october dark road travels in Eastern Europe anytime, give me offshore crude oil hellspots and blue-collar stench and I am seeing clearly again. Lacking the vision, temporarily one can hope.

These images from a weekend with one of my trusted Canon 5D's, it has mold between the sensor layers so I guess I at least got some defective and unclear "anti"self productive mood in there.

The national museum down here in the South. A beautiful and respected museum I later sent a letter of complaints to (as well as the Government Tourist Board) just because I felt like it.  Had to pay a 5 times more entry fee because I was a "westerner"…I don't even like "westerners"…neither! Man, just starting to fine tune my role as global-soul-grumpy-old-fart. Can't wait to be that crooked old grey demon all kids fear to meet on the way to school.

Loud Chinese people fire-cracking the shit out of (cool) this hill top temple in respect to… elephants (cool). Loudest wins.

Bye bye

Gonna grow me a mullet…shesh...

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Uncle Allan said...

dude i'm sorry but I love the pretty pictures.!! REALLY!!!

BUT grow a mullet!