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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Koh Lipe

Got a couple of days away from my blue-collar life. Stayed at Castaway Dive resort which was just great. The island must have been just sublime before the tourist hoards made it their "special hideaway". Counted 6 tattoo shops just between the 2 main sides of this smallish island, 10 minutes apart. Now is ofcourse low season (rain every afternoon) so I kinda enjoyed being one of the few visitors here. Plenty of cool cats and dogs to hang out with during my short morning and evening strolls. Read Annie Proulx "Accordion Crimes", just fantastic!


Beelzebubs lair in the tropics.


E said...

This is really, really good stuff. I found you via nfkffnfk.

amy said...

Ah the first picture stole my heart.I want to leave this place, and visit those places you've photographed. Lovely

The World Tour said...

beautiful travels you're out on. I love your quote on the sidebar: "The amateurs worry about equipment, the pros worry about money...the masters worry about light"

That's what I should post every-time someone on our blog asks about which equipment I use to take my "amazing shots" ha ha