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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Yard Dogs - Revised

Been here in Songkhla working on my bluecollar project for over one year by now. And since then seen 2 generations (10 puppies in all) either get killed by poison or taken away during the night. Saw on TV that you get about 100 baht (US$3) per puppy, stolen or not, sold to pet stores, street vendors or private homes. Easy money for the slackers down here I am surrounded with.
Of the last generation two remained after 2 month, one disappeared and the other got poisoned. My wife nursed him for three days on our balcony before he died in his sleep. This time we got 7 whereof 4 have survived the tricky first weeks. Law of the nature and only the strong pass evolution, survival of the fittest.
With improved shelter and proper food to make 'em fat and happy we shall see. Being the pack leader, I will train these little ones into K-9 terror/attack freaks, snapping at any little brown guy entering the safe area where I keep 'em…LOL!

Getting used to the dry stuff. Still second to the real deal though.

Didn't have a proper camera, but you get the idea.

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