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Monday, February 27, 2012

Getting by

Having eased back on the "Pro" in photographer I get what I see and see what I want. However, it's not too late till it is, a very Minor Threat.


Anonymous said...

Ohhh Hua of my all time favorite places in the world!


Uncle Allan said...

Ohhhh my god! I haunt even had time to figure out where to start on commenting on the last batch you posted and now this!?! They are all great but I really love this and the post before. I'm usually not that much of an building photo kinda guy but those of the twins looks really awesome. Ok ok ok they are all great!! Good job!
It really looks like you have become good friends with the new family member. Good stuff...I have to say better than the G9. How is it to work with?

Ok enough for now but good to see so much new stuff from you!!

-Straight edge Photography- said...

Thanks UA. Yeah man, the new member is alright (not great…) due to what you get for the size, easy to street shoot with. But nothing beats my Canon DSLR buddies, now on much needed rest in Tokyo while I'm in South East Asia messing around. Hey, miss you friendo, take it easy and stay cool. Mata kondo ne.