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Thursday, December 06, 2012


 Back "home" again. The last excursion lasted 3 years and turned out to be a rather enlightening experience as well as a complete "lost in translation" type of deal. I guess, when it all comes down to what one is set out to do as a lifestyle, how to lead an existing life as the core value, then the last 3 years was kind of cool and a worthy challenge that put enough good food on the table, a roof over our heads and I can now walk away with a new and better knowledge of how to deal with people and situations that was then new for me. Back in Japan, landed at a cold but crystal clear morning in Haneda and got a half forgotten reminder that things here work and the efficiency is just stunning. Hitting the city on my bike again has been great and Tokyo was showing me her best yesterday, under a ridiculously blue sky.  The nikku-soba I had in Koenji was just awesom, enough protein to last for a week!

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