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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Destroy Everything...

…seems like the only option!

My latest photobook "find"! Was blown away from the first image I saw, just opened up a couple of random pages and just had to get this one. You know when you have a gem in your hands, doesn't take even a friction of a moment to see that this is what it's all about, the whole idea and meaning of you always carry around that expensive, fragile precision instrument wherever you go. The result of doing just that for Ricky Adam (Northern Ireland) is his Destroy Everything. If you don't have this book in your inspirational collection of photobooks you are missing out big time…so fucking spot on good that I almost just wanted to put away my gear and pursue another route in life, migrate to some desolate high altitude plateau and hide away from reality in some musty cave like Jean-Baptiste Grenouille did in Perfume…it's that fucking superb!

Made my day, that's all I should say!

A couple of lines from the introduction by Ricky Adam :

It's not a book about 'BMX' or a book about (for lack of a better word) 'punk'. It's a collection of photographs of people who do their own thing their own way and live life from the heart, no matter what the consequences. 
They say the heart rules the mind. It's the only way to live my life…


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Nelle said...

Blergh, fan vad sugen jag blev på den där boken nu... som naturligtvis inte går att få tag på i Sverige.
Och jag vill inte ge mina slantar till Amazon :/
Vill. Inte.