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Monday, February 25, 2013

Kinari / Natal Design v.s mwcp

Shot a spread for Kinari magazine, Ecology Style Magazine. Found this nice old bridge in Akebonobashi in central Tokyo and used the existing shadowy light which fell in nicely form the left. The darkness on the right gave me what I was looking for. Very simple, no extra lights and all handheld DSLR stuff. I took a gamble on this one and handed in un-touched files straight from the camera to the editor. There are often many layers that has to be penetrated and tinkered with before print so it will never be what you expect anyways. Sometimes close to the original, sometimes not so. Paper quality (matte in Kinari), picture editors sense, taste and screen calibration all play a role in the final product. Worked out alright I think (left hand image slightly cropped though) and I was most happy to take on this mainly due to the model. A good friend of mine and an unpolished and ragged gem when it came to posing in out-of-ones-comfortzone-garments in public. The clothes from Natal Design design is also great and fits well "outside-the-box" i.e personal, odd and stylish. Im not a fashion guy so I don't really know what is considered stylish today, always though Carhartt and Dickies was the leading clothing brands, still do!



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