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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Shinjuku Night Session

Shot the band photo of OGRE last night in the more shady parts of Kabukicho which is already the shadiest part of Shinjuku, home turf and stomping ground of the band and also where their rehearsal studio is located. Check the work I shot for their first album back in 2009 HERE and HERE, 4 years ago, now with a new drummer and guitarist. I have been shooting the underground metal/punk/HC music scene for many years, check it out HERE (Kerry King, Psycho Mike, Scott Ian, legendary concert with At The Gates, Mayhem etc…it's all there if you scroll down).

Enough with that clumsy and nestle of cords stress. Radio slaves are all fine but I might have found another way. Photographer friend Roger suggested the smallest of battery powered LED lights a couple of weeks ago. More than enough for fill light even at rather wide and large frames like the ones above. Fancy gear and Looks-Like-A-Pro doesn't really cut it when it comes to shooting at these locations where blending in and speed is the key.
Less Is More


RH+ Photography said...

Ya, I was wondering what kind of flash was that?

-Straight Edge Photography- said...

Small battery powered LED. ¥3000 on Amazon.