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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Berlinbesucher Part I

Finally…back in a city that has since the first time I set foot here been one of my absolute favorites amongst European cities. I used to have Berlin as my European "base" when I worked in the merchant marine and had time off between contracts, usually 3 month on and 3 month off, sometimes 6 month on and off. My base in Asia at that time was always Bangkok. Haven't had much chance or time to visit Europe the last decennia so it was with great joy and a positive mind I landed at dawn one morning just a couple of days ago. Have still some friends here but decided to make it back the "real" way I took in at one of the many "backpackers" or hostels if you like, 12 man dorm room. It was the same, full of snoring Americans and happy teens out on their little lives first adventure. Oddly enough, I didn't feel like the dinosaur I know I am, turns out that in springtime Berlin and even the most weatherworn vagabond has a place.

All images below shot during a long day of roaming the city with my GX1 Micro 4/3.

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