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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

6x6 Metalists

Metal and photo geeks, I'll just let these key words guide you through the next set of images :

Tokyo Underground Death Metal, Ilford 120 / 3200ASA, Hasselblad 503CX, Monopod, 120 bulb LED light with diffuser, Monday night…

Video of shooting HERE!

Have been thinking of using the small LED light I got not long ago. Was going to be used for outdoor medium film photography. Like shooting portraits, people at night or at limited light scenes. Worked just nice to get that extra fill light and simplicity I was looking for while shooting these guys at a very much underground location in central Tokyo last Monday. They are all band members and I have under the years got to know most of them. I will deffinitely bring my medium film gear with me in the future for this kind of stuff. Have to tweak the light source some and probably be more precise when it comes to metering the light next time. But hey, for being the first try with this set up I am more than pleased.

Scanned with Hasselblad FlexTight X5 at Hasselblad Japan HQ. Minimum retouch

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