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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Makehen (Japanese Lucha Libre)

I was helping out my buddy Rodrigo (FB) today at a Japanese wrestling event. Rodrigo (Web) is a Mexican professional freelance photographer based out of Tokyo and has been shooting the Lucha Libre wrestling scene both in his native Mexico (City) as well as the traditional Japanese style. He was test-shooting with a Hasselblad H4D today and I tagged along backing up his day by filming him in action. I got the chance (with permission) to snap some on the side and I decided that Black&White would look cool…and it did. I never been to a Wrestling event like this before, have been shooting some amateur MMA in the past but I have to say that this was way more a spectacle and more fun to shoot. The audience a whole new level, a great mix of general weirdos, true believers and dedicated aficionados…all in one in some cases I believe. What struck me was how very welcoming and friendly everyone from the top organizer, the wrestlers and people we run into during the day. A true "people" event…hope I get the chance to explore this side of for me an untapped side of what could actually land in the "underground" culture category, grassroot at it's best and most enjoyable side. 

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Anonymous said...

Gillar de här väldigt mycket! Speciellt kommentatorn och de vita byxorna på väg in - helt magisk.
Hänger med Mikele i Oslo atm. Fin lokal, vackert ljus, speciella människor. Hoppas hinna fota lite (och inte bara torka blod). Håll tummarna.
Until laterz!