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Monday, July 08, 2013

Old School Geekery

Been doing Medium format film photography for some time now I have always had this thing in the back of my head to reopen a for me long gone closed chapter that is 35mm film. Been shooting Mamiya RZ67 II, FujiFilm 6x4.5 Rangefinder, Rolliflex and then finally Hasselblad 503CW. On the professional level I never looked back really after getting busy with digital image making. I sold all but one of my work horses, the Canon 1V and just got going full throttle with digital stuff. Due to clients, due to costs and out of pure convenience and speed that digital after all possess.

My last ProBox of 35mm PROVIA100F have been sitting in the fridge since February 2007 (expire date Oct 2008). Then all of a sudden I dusted of my 1V, rooted out the film way back behind natto and tsukemono and popped in a roll and fresh batteries. The fact that certain people I have had the pleasure to hang with since I moved back home to Tokyo after 3 years in South East Asia had a certain influence on my new found interest played a big role as well. Lets see what expired film will look like after 6.5 years. Test roll coming up, stayed tuned!

Been shooting with this 1V along with a 1N as backup/wingman for many years before switching to digital. Before Canon I used Minolta Alpha 9 as main body but sold all and got Canon when Minolta becom KonikaMinolta (now SONY). This camera has been used in Acid rain (yes, really!), the Gobi desert, The Himalaya, The tropics, snow&ice, been banged around in all possible and impossible ways. Never failed me, A true workhorse. Love it!

Expire date : 2008.10

Still smelled like they should. That's good!

Frame 1…coming up!

9 days later….

…man, turned out just perfect. The old look of Provia 100f is there even, a tad "under", just the way I remember my work back then and the result I always have been aiming at. Cool, meaning ai have 19 rolls to go through before I ever have to buy a new color transparent film again. Was shooting with a 35mm f/1.4 this whole roll, all in one sunny afternoon in the dark heart of Tokyo.  



Uncle Allan said...

Uhhh I like this camera!! I got one used from one of my customers who's dad is a photographer but who had changed to digital! Love it and can't wait to get to know it better!!

Looking forward to see what your old film will do!!


Got two of these 1Vs and could not live my life without them!!! Looking forward to see how this film of yours comes out!!