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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

AE1e - The Street Shooter

Got me the Canon AE-1 (Program), 35mm film camera not that long ago. I wasn't actually going for this one but when I saw the price and the almost mint condition it was in I knew there was no way I could walk out without it. Have been shooting quite alot with this pretty small and handy EDC camera since and just love the feel of the lens, the viewfinder and winder. A super large bright and clear viewfinder and I opt for the 24mm f/2.8 lens rather than the traditional 50mm. During the years my perspective and vision has steered towards wider rather than narrower lenses. For digital 35mm DSLR  a prime 35mm has proven to be the perfect match for me. Then, the funny part with this particular model from 1981 is that it has a "Program" mode. You set the lens to 'A', the speed dial to 'Program' and the Camera does the metering. A true point&shoot 35mm film camera. The beauty with film photography is that your imperfections gives credit to the image, the image has life and setting v.s developing v.s scanning produces a warm and real image that has a very human charm. The "P-mode" enables you be more stealth and fast, great for the street. Just remember to put film in before you start shooting…tell you another time…LOL!

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