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Tuesday, August 06, 2013

At The Gates, Parte Due

Tokyo - At The Gates, the Gothenburg sound does Ebisu LiquidRoom. 

 Haven't seen ATG since their last show in May 2008 ( See link to this gig here ). Then I was lucky enough to have these images displayed as part of a real cool documentary about the band and how they become ( That blog post is here ). Last night ATG played Tokyo again after a couple of shows in Korea and China. This one being a smaller but kinda cooler venue, great sound and a ripping tight slam-dunk Gbg sound once more could be experienced for the fans. I was shooting with my old-by-now-but-still-my-new camera Canon 5D MrkII with a 16-35mm and the 580EX strobe as well as Lumix GX1 for all black&White. When I shoot digital monochrome I set the camera to B/W, then shoot with this setting only. An image that was shot in color and color only in mind will seldomw turn out very good when converted afterward. The 580EX is a tool I love working with and you guys who follow my stuff knows that when it comes to getting a loud sounding and moving mean images I like wide angled slow shutter photography with a dash of quick fill light to freeze whatever is the main element or key to get the main subject/object in there. This setting works real well on in the traffic street speed cycling as well. I have since the beginning of this year slightly shifted in ways and likes within my photography. Have started shooting primarily film again,  monochrome, both 6x6, 6x7 and 35mm. Last show with Japanese heavy weights Coffins I shot all in B&W and think this suited the mood I got from the music and what these images were representing for me that day. Funny how stuff slide towards certain points from time to time and even if the core is still intact the way around it may differ. Has to do with personal life, what and how you feel as a man and also tending to just go with your own ways and experimenting with the roots of your photographic upbringing et cetera. Anyways, this more documentary style is very rewarding as a photographer, to be able to spend time with the guys both before and after the show to see how things play out as well as for the fans to see some of the laid back and down to earth personalities the real ultra heavy metal scene is built up by. 

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