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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

An evening in Tokyo

If you ever linger into ShinOkubo in Tokyo, make sure you check out EarthDom. A local live venue basement where some of the heaviest act hitting the DIY spectrum will offer you a ride on the left hand path and back out (if you have the sense to choose so). This is where I like to spend an evening when in Tokyo. With good friends and a vibe of selfmade pureness that is hard to find elsewhere. Tons of local acts obviously, tons of bands from overseas as well. Tonight Impurity from Brazil showed us how  high level the Japanese music scene really is. Never the less, bands and people from near and afar, whatever the message…there are no rules as long as it's true and has personality stamped on the whole thing. Oldschool death/doom metal legends ANATOMIA set the bar as was expected. 

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