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Friday, May 29, 2015

Guevnna Incognito

I was asked to shoot a new promo pic for my friend Ryo (Voc Guevnna) since they added a 2nd guitar.

He had 2 requests :  Black/White and no "face recognition"….hmm.  I used 3 different medium and funnily enough, the Pro Canon DSLR images didn't make it to the cut. Was shooting with a Micro 3/4 mirrorless and 35mm film and as usual the term "Less is More" applied to this shoot as well. Deliberate camera shake and ridiculous on-camera settings (as well as outdated film scanned on my moldy film scanner) gave me the effect and mood I was seeking…YES, I did tweak these images to the max with LR…

Check the link to the band here!

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