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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Nagu And Stuff

Made the trip up to Finland and Helsinki to hook up with a brother. Kicked about in Helsinki a couple of days before going to a little town by the name of Pori where I was shooting and helping out at a Death Metal festival (more about this in another post). After this spectacle we headed back to the Capitol then drove West and spent 5 days in one of the coolest locations I've been at in recent years. A little outpost of an Island called Nagu where we just stayed to get some nature back in our bodies, recharge lost energy and reflect on how life sometimes have more up it's sleeve that one could ever imagine. Autumn in Eastern Scandinavia, rain and grey skies means sauna, cold baths in the Baltic sea and wild mushrooms. Now back in Berlin and writing this, the vagabond got another chapter to ponder over and new ones to try to figure out awaits.

Might as well put these up as well…also from somewhere in Finland

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