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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Intensified Awareness

Henry Rollins ( memories as the lead singer in BlackFlag when the mosh meant more than just running round in a circle. His tales of dividing his life between being on tour with the band and writing in his "shed/home" is a true eye opener. This guy has been an inspitartion for me for many years (what else, a guy reading Henry Miller and listens to ZZTOP) and his GET IN THE VAN - ON THE ROAD WITH BLACK FLAG is a really cool book. Published from Rollins own publishing company 2.13.61 ( Make sure to check out this books from Rollins 2.13.61 as well: SMILE, YOU'RE TRAVELING, BLACK COFFEE BLUES and DO I COME HERE OFTEN?

Quote : ..."When someone betrays me, I almost want to thank them. Why? It's an educational experience. You can push yourself forward immeasurable distances in understanding. In the last week I have learned a lot about myself and the people I work with. One must find the difference between paranoia and what I call "intensified awereness". I think I am finding out the difference."

Great photogarphy as well, some by Glen E. Friedman

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