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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Slaytanic Wehrmacht

Japans metal fest No1 kicked off last weekend and some of the worlds leading metal band showed up and gave us all a hell ride of a lifetime. Bands like BLOOD SIMPLE, LAMB OF GOD, MASTODON, SLAYER, UNEARTH, HAREBREED, DIO, LOYAL TO THE GRAVE, THE BLACK DHALIA MURDER, SURVIVE, CATHEDRAL, ANTHRAX, NORA, UNITED AND NAPALM DEATH really came to their right elements at the event. Did two cool photo sessions, shooting the tattoos of Scott Ian from ANTHRAX and Kerry King from SLAYER, really cool guys with great ink. Both had nice black & grey work done by Mr. Paul Booth from Last Rites Tattoo studio.
I have seen quite alot of metal concerts in my life but nothing beats a SLAYER concert when it comes to raw power, fucking awesome!
NAPALM DEATH and BLACK DAHLIA MURDER was not far behind.

So once again, look out for next issue of TATTOO BURST, rock on people....


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