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Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Falling Man

Richard Drew snapped away with a 70-200mm lens as people were falling from the burning top of the WTC 9/11. For some this photo of a falling man is provocative and scratches the by now old wounds of the aftermath of the deed. For some it symbolizes our true human spirits and upstir emotions we rarely pull out from the deep. We can say and feel whatever we want, and it's all to this one single photograph that we open up our eyes and are shaken awake to emotional actions. For me this is what true photography is all about, to tell a story in a singe frame with enough "life" in it even if it in most cases is the end of what for most of us is the most precious in life, that is just that, to live, to survive at all cost!

Photo by Robert Diosneau (top) and Eddie Adams (bottom)

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