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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Fish Eye Fuck Up

For years I have tried to avoid extreme gear, like to keep it simple and use what I have to prove (to myself) that it can be done. I do not want to fall in that consumer trap the worlds eager manufacturers so ofter set for the minions. But this time I considered the pros and cons of working with a fullframe 15mm "fisheye" lens and I belive I can do a better job in some situations with an extreme angle view. The barrel effect have its ups and downs but I bet there are images you have seen where a true straight line is bending unnaturally at the ends but that you didn't even think in those terms because the image in itself showed you enough power to make this distraction a secondary thought.

So after chansing prices in my favourite hunting grounds here in Tokyo and on the net I found a seller a bit cheaper than the others and left the store with a light wallet but with new imaginary angles on my mind. I Could already see how this lens would come to it righteous self at the next metal concert or sk8 ramp, on future travels shooting whatever it might be. Even amongst the palmtrees on "my" island in Thailand, my next destination over Christmas and NewYear. Coming home, unpacking the thing and the always unexpected Murphy's Law tapped me on the shoulder as to remind me that life's a bitch. The first thing I do is to drop the fucking thing and fuck it up fucking real good...fuck!!! Well, there is a first thing for everything, my always steady hand failed me by being over careful and I just have to take the consequences and pay the repair of ¥18.000 ($150) and kick my self hard in the ass for being a fool.

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