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Sunday, January 28, 2007


After some ups and down I finally got the break I needed financially for m.w.c.p to invest in a more reliable work tool. Canons fullframe, 12.8 MP, 2.5" LCD Digital SLR was my pick, and after been working with Canon gear for quite some time now (I actually started with Minolta stuff) it was nothing new under the sun. The 5D comes in a sturdy body with the most essential work modes you need i.e without all the crap you can be without. I told myself that from this year, 2007, my trusted workhorses, the EOS 1V & 1N just had to give more way for the digital times we have in head of us and play a bigger role in the future of m.w.c.p. I do still love the film medium and prefere to work and have my work published in film, so these great 35mm cameras will never stop to be in my bags since old school always is gonna stand the test of time if you ask me. But at least we have here a great foundation in the 5D to continue the Canon legacy in the field of freelance photography. Man, these guys of Canon Inc. should seriously consider to sponsor guys like me and my freelancing peers (gonna give them a call someday when I get to it!). Without hesitating for even one second, we will use our hard earned money or our savings to get their products in our camera bags.

(5D with battery grip BG-E4)

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