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Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Was asked by a German bike magazine to do a story on the Japanese custom building scene. Or to be more specific, the Japanese "metric" custom scene. So I started this article by visiting the low profile but highly qualified builders from YELLOW MC in Ashikaga, Toshigi prefecture. I have been told before on various occations by visiting Americans and Europeans that the "Metric" custom trend was growing steadily elsewhere so the timing for this article couldn't be better. On the local Japanese scene we see 99% Harleys, the rest are British engines and then at last a very small number of Japanese custom builds. This trend is slowly changing due to influences from abroad. The whole thing has to go full circle and come back to the original core to get somewhere at all. So in a near future we will see more CB400cc, Kawasaki 750cc etc on the road, ape hanger style!

Check out the Yellow Mc on :

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