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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Arbor Skateboards

Gonna cruise in the year on a new style. The "Hybrid" board from Arbor Skateboards was my pick. A super smooth, concave long-skate of Hawaiian Koa wood that will be just perfect for the slopes of urban Tokyo, where I live. Still a "Bambi on ice" in many tight corners and busy intersections, but this baby is going to take me there. I'll keep my old, beaten up "no brand" board for my weekly suicide missions in the halfpipe.

-"Better to regret something you did, than something you didn't do." (Isn't that what someone said after he fucked up real good?)

Specs38.00"x9.25", wheel base 24.00", Wheels 65mm 78a, Truck Randal R-2 150s

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Anonymous said...

Man, that is a sick board, I understand that Arbor does snowboards specifically, so if I you can, let us know how the board feels, a simple review would be cool.
Congrats on your board, for sure.