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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Out Of Step (With The World)

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I hate to preach but whadafuck is going on here. The Kyoto Protocol went down the drain so Uncle Sam and his hitmen would have the oil monopoly a few more years is a fact most of us just have to live with till another more sane government take over and face the reality over there. But then as a bonus "Fuck You" to humanity we still have an industrialized commercial whaling industry feeding non except a small core of selfminded business people, making a huge profit of the worlds wild life. That the Japanese minions are easily fooled and blind folded isn't a surprise to anyone, (not an excuse). But that a freethinking advanced nation like Denmark even have the slightest idea to even think of supporting this slaughter of the few remaining whales in the word is more that bizarre. From an idea from GreenPeace, this came up:

MARCH 6, 12 NOON , DANISH EMBASSIES AROUND THE WORLD WILL RECEIVE A GIFT OF "CANNED WHALE MEAT". This is a small eyeopener for people with no insight of this alarming global problem. So I personally solemnly salute you, the Danish government with a magnificent, loud and clear FUCK YOU TOO in the name of common sense.

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Here is my contribution, a small voice that can and will make a difference. Do Or Die !

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