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Friday, March 09, 2007

Shad a.k.a Hori Tsuki Kage

Shad from Belgium ( visiting Japan again and I had the pleasure to hook up with the man and shoot him working on another masterpiece, in this case a massive backpiece. I have known Shad for a couple of years now and got introduced to him by Carlos from TattooChurch here in Tokyo. All respect to both of these two great tattooists. The world of tattoos and tattooing has opened many new doors both for m.w.c.pand myself and has given the meaning of pure existence a true meaning. PMA all the way if you ask me, this is for life so you better be true to yourself and just have one thing in mind, that is to, Live To You Die.

It's by Carlos at TattooChurch I have got most of my suit done, but today we all switched places and I had the honor to get to know the sting of Shads hightuned two coiler better as I handed over my 5D (with an 17-35mm 2,8) to brother Carlos to record the event.

---Nothing Else Matters---

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