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Friday, April 20, 2007

The New Work Flow

I never liked to sit in front of the computer, still I don't even if I actually do it for hours everyday. I have a very comfortable well organized small but effective office where I have all my camera/photo gear, my slide stock, my collection of photo books, scanner, printer, a very nice soft chair with wheels and arm rests to spend many long hours in and of course, my iMac G5 with 10GB of pure Heavymetal and Hardcore (plus some Wagner and Madonna). There is also a gas heater for cold winter days and a brand new airconditioner for hot summer nights, the coffee machine is just in the next room and there isn't really anything more to ask for exept this urge to actually be outside shooting. Since I have always respected and regarded the simple in life a priority I have for some time now been waiting for Adobe ( Abode with a twist...) to finally release the new software, i.e Lightroom. Well, to buy this was not as easy as you might think, seemed like the Japanese version which came out month behind the "world release" was only available in Japanese. I need to work in English so I ordered one on the internet. But there seemed to be some WTO conspiracy in the air cos this was not possible from either Adobes homepage or Amazon where I buy lots of stuff (mainly books).
Then I found a solution, there is a shop in N.Y.C called Adorama that worked pretty smooth when I ordered some 4GB FlashCards, and yes, I had the software in the computer a week after I sent them the order on the net. So what was this all about, why couldn't I get this very famous piece of Adobian engineering in a less timeconsuming and smooth way? Anyways, Lightroom, or LR as it's called officially might be the solution for m.w.c.p. If I can find the right workflow in RAW I can spend less time in my super nice and cozy office and more time carrying around tons of equipment in some 3rd world shit hole (to quote Trevor, a travelling Aussie I met on a bus out of Bangalore in India once) or on HardCore venues with stagediving misfits, just the way I like it.

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